INTOS construction partner artwork ‘Space’ of Studio Roosegaarde

INTOS construction partner artwork ‘Space’ of Studio Roosegaarde

On behalf of Heijmans and Studio Roosegaarde, INTOS has realized the frame of the 90-meter-long 'Space' artwork at Eindhoven train station. The permanent artwork offers an experience of light and space by making networks of light on the earth visible. It's free to visit since last week!

Night map of the earth space_website_1.jpg

Artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde was asked by the municipality of Eindhoven, ProRail and NS to make an interactive light artwork in the renovated travelers tunnel of Eindhoven train station. Roosegaarde became fascinated by night maps of the earth, on which light sources reveal the presence of man. For the artwork the globe is peeled as an apple, creating a long strip. This rash of the earth has been made transparent and placed on a counterpart, giving a striking but abstract image of our planet. The artwork consists of lenticular panels. The lighting creates extra spaciousness. Daan Roosegaarde: "Light is communication, our language. Walking past the artwork, you experience a new dimension of light, just as an astronaut sees it in a orbit around the earth."


After the succesfull cooperation with Studio Roosegaarde concerning the cloud wall 'Beyond' artwork at Schiphol, INTOS worked this time as a construction partner and end engineer of the framing of the artwork 'Space'. INTOS defined the specific technical details of the design of Studio Roosegaarde. In this engineering work weather influences, dilatation (expansion of the walls) and maintenance possibilities are taken into account. Extraordinary in this project was that INTOS was involved in the development of the entire artwork.

The final resultspace_website_2.jpg

Jan-Willem Spanjaart, Business Development Manager, was highly involved in ‘Space’: ''It's cool to see that the artwork is coming into its own with the slim framework.''

‘Space’ is located in the old passage of Eindhoven train station and is part of the stations renovation. The work of art was made on behalf of ProRail and Gemeente Eindhoven in cooperation with Heijmans and Arcadis.