INTOS building partner Schiphol in development temporary departure

INTOS building partner Schiphol in development temporary departure

Just before Christmas INTOS has signed the construction team agreement of Schiphol for the development of the temporary departure hall. With the construction of this temporary departure, Schiphol responds to the recent strong growth of Schengen passengers.


As one of the six members of the construction team, INTOS is responsible for the interior of the departure hall of in total 3,800 square meters. INTOS will build 22 check-in counters, canopies for above the check-in desks and security lanes, an odd size desk for luggage with a divergent size, a People Reduced Mobility (PRM) desk and four service counters. INTOS also provides 550 square meters wall panels with acoustic cladding, two space-saving search cabins, pantry’s, lockers and a huge clock.

Short delivery time

The departure hall will be built in a very short period of time. The commissioning is scheduled before the May holiday 2017. Together with Schiphol Group and other building team members, namely VolkerWessels Construction Schiphol, Engie Services West, BAM Construction and Engineering and BAM Infra, and Van der Landen Industries, a decent performance should be delivered. The extensive knowledge and experience of INTOS at Schiphol, makes that INTOS is facing the project with confidence.

The temporary departure hall is expected to remain till the end of 2019