INTOS Airports at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 last week

INTOS Airports at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 last week

Last week INTOS Airports exhibited at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) in Stockholm. Within three days we spoke with a lot of interesting persons within the aviation industry, met most of our partners and got an insight in upcoming themes within the airport construction and interiors like sustainability. Of course we showcased specific products like our space-saving search cabin and counter solutions.

Space-saving Search Cabin

One of the products on our stand which received a lot of attention is our in-house developed Space-saving Search Cabin and not only because it was wrapped in our eye-catching INTOS blue color.

Fits every airport & adds innovativeness visitatiecabine_open_en_dicht.jpg

The Space-saving Search Cabin solves the problem of the limited square meters within most airports, especially within the security area. It takes only 18 cm in stored position and can be unfolded within 5 seconds. Next to that it is also an innovative product that suites the futuristic en well-designed image, which airports nowadays want to meet.

Tailor made counter solutions

244x277_pte_2_beter.jpgStandard desk solutions usually do not fully match the needs of airports concerning work processes and infrastructure. That’s why INTOS creates only custom-made counters for airports worldwide. To provide insight into the variation of counter possibilities, we gave the PTE visitors an insight in our standard range of counters. Our standard counters serve as a starting point for the dialogue with all our customers about their specific needs & wishes. Everything in order to make sure we provide the perfect counter.



We are looking forward to follow up  all of our contacts!