International Women's Day at INTOS

International Women's Day at INTOS

At INTOS we see an increase in women, working at the office and in the production. A positive development! Good to pay attention to at International women's day.

Internship at INTOS

This year, INTOS employs a significantly larger number of female trainees. For the next school year, which starts in April, an above average number of women has signed up for a traineeship at INTOS.

Increasing demand for professionals

"You always see wave movements in our interior design industry  in which young people choose for an education in our branch. Now the demand for professionals is enormous. Therefore it is good that not only men choose for our profession, but also more and more women. That increases the diversity within our profession," says Wendy Bakker, HR employee INTOS.

nieuw_internationale_vrouwendag_team_harry.jpgNice mix within the teams

"A good mix of men and women in the teams creates a new dynamic. It would be nice if the number of women in our industry increases further in the coming years. We practice a craft that lends itself well to that. The lighter construction work and the tools that are available today mean that the possible physical difference between men and women doesn’t have to play a role. However, every employee must be able to stand his ground, both male and female," says Diederik Hein, directeur INTOS.

INTOS Development Plan - INTOP logo_definitief.png

INTOS is a company that considers equality to be very important. INTOS is organized in a low-treshold manner and pays a lot of attention to personal talents and wishes, so that everyone working at INTOS has the opportunity to develop themselves. INTOS guarantees this in its INTOS Development Plan, called INTOP, which is available for every INTOS employee.