Frosting on the cake

Frosting on the cake

INTOS has delivered the company restaurant of Van Doorne, an independent Dutch lawyers, notaries and tax specialists firm. Various custom made benches and self-service catering cabinets are created. The approximately 175 lawyers can now enjoy a delicious lunch in the beautifully designed environment.

Clear communication

As frosting on the cake INTOS has won a beautiful cake. With this cake iL Project, the project management bureau appointed for this project, expresses its appreciation of the clear way INTOS communicates about the delivery of the first phase of this project.

"You deserve the cake and I am very pleased with the efforts and results of all construction team members", says Marion Verbunt, Team Manager Facility Services at Van Doorne.

Team performance

"It is a great achievement of the team, which I am very proud of, and we are looking forward to set up a beautiful entrance and coffee area in the upcoming phase of this project. Of course we strive to keep our communication crystal clear and with that we hope to be able to treat our colleagues again a delicious piece of cake! Off to the next phase!", says Mark Koops, project director INTOS.

Once the total interior project at Van Doorne has been completed, we hope to be able to show more of it in a projectcase.