7th project team started at INTOS

7th project team started at INTOS

At the end of last year a new project team started at INTOS led by Mark Koops. This team has been created to distribute the large amount of work in the coming years in a better way within the organisation.

Diederik Hein, director INTOS: "There is much enthusiasm in this new project team. It is a young and passionate team. We are confident that with them we will achieve great projects. Because of this team, INTOS continues to deliver the quality in products and service we demand of ourselves and our customers expect from us."

INTOS has been subdivided in independently operating project teams that are self-supportive from start to finish. Each team exists of approximately 20 to 25 members where all specialisms are represented in; project director, project managers, planners, calculators,cabinetmakers & fitters. A project team thus delivers a project from beginning to end. Because of this way of organizing, customers always have a completely committed team at their disposal and one contact person. Customers experience this as pleasant and efficient. Fortunately, because that’s what drives us!